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Beware of realtor, Dean Matsunami of Oahu Residential Inc. He is not a man of his word. After viewing the property on Saturday, March 15th, 2014, he took my application and offered me the place. I had asked him if it was alright to move in on April 11th and he said it was fine. He promised to send me a rental agreement. He claimed the property was damaged by prior tenants and that it had been sitting vacant for months. I was overjoyed to take the place because I'm a local to the area and also work close by. I lived in that complex for 3 years and despite the conditions of the unit (rust stains in tub and on fridge, dirty floors, broken closet door that he claims cannot be repaired, urine smell, broken toilet), I still accepted his offer because I have an uncle who could help me fix things.

When I didn't hear back from him right away as he promised, I emailed him on Tuesday and also called him yesterday to follow up. I had already given a notice to my landlord who found new tenants for my current place. Dean finally gets back to me and tells me he's been off island. I then ask again if the place is still mine to rent and he says yes and says he will send me a rental agreement today, March 20th.

Today, March 20th, I woke up to an email from Dean telling me the place is now back on the market to rent. He proceeds to tell me that the owners can't wait till the 11th but he failed to mention after our first meeting that he needed to check with the owners in the first place. I called him later on to let him know I could move in sooner than expected and he says he's going to offer it to someone else instead. It's rather odd how he suddenly had 3 interested tenants after not having any for months.

It's the lack of professionalism in all of this that's disturbing. If he had said from the get go that he needed to check with the owners on waiting till April 11th to rent it out before giving me a final answer, I'd be fine right now but it's the fact that he told me yes without making sure first. And rather than calling me to talk it over, he used email as a way of breaking the news to me. I realize money is tight on everyone and let's face it, money talks. But it's the fact that he didn't seem to care about the position he put me in that's just wrong. As a good tenant, I expect to have a good landlord/property manager. It is a business relationship but it can still be a cordial one. I'm sure this is a blessing in disguise but I'm still angry about it.

So now, I am now left without possibly having a place to live come April 11th. But I'm not the only one who is suffering here. The tenants my landlord promised my place to are also without a place to live. That's 3 displaced kama'ainas and one landlord in a compromised position, thanks to Dean, who are being impacted by this.

Beware of him because he goes back on his word and seems like he has failed to upkeep the property in suitable living conditions. Makaua Village is known to have rust problems and mold issues due to its proximity to the ocean. Good luck getting repairs taken care of. To not even replace a closet door but demand $1200 a month is ridiculous. I had a studio with a beautiful ocean view for $900 and a landlord with a good heart who would fix anything I had problems with in no less than a week after notifying him.

If you want real aloha in a property manager, please tread carefully.

"As your property manager I assure you that I will work for you, always looking out for your best interests."
- Dean Matsunami

Yes, mahalo for looking out for my best interests, Dean. I greatly appreciate it.

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