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Hawaii is the only US state that is completely made of islands. Though, this state is not densely populated but tourists visiting this state find it so appealing that usually, they decide to spend their whole life here. Therefore, this state has huge demand of real estate brokers, salespersons and agents. People not only look for homes here but their primary concern is to make some property and business such as hotels, cafe and clubs etc. People with intentions of making property on different islands of Hawaii are help out by persons working in real estate industry.

The real estate industry contains three different persons termed as salespersons, brokers and agents. Though, working of these personalities is same but they are completely different from each. Some different among them are stated below:

What makes real estate brokers different from real estate agents?

Real estate brokers are persons that are authorized by government to open brokerage firms and hire different officials. They can work independently and also for others. However, real estate agents are also known as real estate salespersons. They work under the supervision of brokers and aren’t allowed to work independently. As far as education and experience are concerned, real estate broker is superior. This doesn’t means that salespersons can’t become brokers. Obviously they can but after getting an experience of at least two years. The license of both these personalities is also different and these are issued by Hawaii real estate commission.

Services offered by Real Estate Brokers and Agents in Hawaii

In Hawaii, real estate agents and brokers perform three below mentioned tasks:

Finding property for buyer

Property can be anything; it can be a house, hotel, motel, barren land, café or shop etc. The job of real estate brokers and salespersons is to find property for buyer. For example, if client wants a café, then it is the job of broker to find it in accordance with desires of client. It would be better, if broker makes a list of different cafes and present it to the buyer.

Act as an intermediary in the negotiations

A broker can represent buyer/seller or both. It is believed that brokers make the deal successful by acting as an intermediary in the negotiations. It is uncommon that buyer and seller communicate directly while they are working with real estate agent.

Take care of legal process

If you are working with a real estate broker, then legal work for transferring property from seller’s to buyer’s name is broker’s responsibility. Broker presents property papers to buyer once all payments are cleared. A noteworthy thing is that salesperson is not allowed to take responsibility of paperwork. This might be because of his inexperience in real estate industry.

In a nutshell, Real estate brokers and salesperson work for the same goal that is to help people in finding a suitable property. If you are thinking about buying any property in Hawaii, then it is recommended to consider the services of real estate agents and brokers.

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